Cross Symbol Drop Earrings

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Add some ancient charm to your look with these cross symbol drop earrings. These earrings feature the ankh, a symbol of life and eternity in Egyptian culture. The ankh is also known as the key of the Nile, the key of life, or the crux ansata. These earrings are made of durable and hypoallergenic metal, and have a shiny finish that catches the light. They have a post back closure for easy wear and removal. These earrings are perfect for adding a touch of history and spirituality to your outfit. Whether you’re a fan of Egyptian mythology, culture, or art, these earrings will make a great addition to your jewelry collection.



2 reviews for Cross Symbol Drop Earrings

    13 March 2024
    Stunning craftsmanship. So worth it.
    3 March 2024
    Amazing find! Worth every penny!
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